“PR Needs To Focus On Quality Of Engagement, Not Just Size” – Dare Art Alade Speaks At #NigeriaPRReport Launch

DAREY ART ALADE“Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen. The hornets nest is being stirred up with some of the content in the report, but it is absolutely necessary. Now I’m sure you are wondering why I am here. What is a singer doing here where people are talking about PR? Well I am not only a singer. I represent Livespot Group which is a 360-degree creative agency dealing with event management and PR in our own small capacity.

I want to start by saying that I find PR very fascinating. I find it fascinating because what you communicate is not necessarily what the audience assimilate.  So you put out your message but it is the audience that decides what that message is to them.

The older practitioners have the experience. We can bank on that experience but the future is about building an industry that runs on reliable data. That is what the future is about – reliable data. A lot of the time, the Nigerian PR package is based on the experience of the old player and the creativity of the young starter. We have been looking at the audience in terms of numbers. Are we looking at what they do, where they live, how they talk, what they aspire to and their challenges? I would like to see a shift in emphasis away from media placement and reach, to a focus on the quality of the stories we are telling.

A little while ago, I launched my 5th studio album “Naked”. We wanted the communication in the campaign to connect with the audience in a very personal way instead of getting just cursory interaction and reach. The “Naked” campaign was centred around stories from my life – where I was born, where I was raised, where I went to school. People were able to relate easily because they could also talk about where they went to school, where they grew up, their memories and so on. We were able to connect in a way that PR traditionally was not able to in the past.

PR has to place less emphasis on how many likes, followers and reach and more on the quality of relationship with the audience. More important now than ever before is the depth and quality of the conversation that PR creates than simply the sheer size of it.”


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