Yinka Davies Is ‘Amebo’, Timi Dakolo Is The Voice And Sound Sultan Is Celebrity Friend…As #LoveIsTheMusical3 Holds At Eko Hotel On February 5

1. yinka daviesThe countdown to the greatest Musical ever in Nigeria is ongoing, as ‘Love Is…The Musical’ which holds at Eko Hotel & Suites on February 5 gets closer. A musical account of a poet, a professional dancer and a businesswoman on a journey in search of Love, the show will feature the talents of Yinka Davies as a neighbourhood busybody, Sound Sultan as the celebrity friend of lead character Juliet, and Timi Dakolo as the voice of reason that tries to counsel the hearts and minds of the characters.

In addition to the A-list trio, comedians Gordons, Igos and Emma Oh My God feature as metropolitan news reporters walking the streets of Lagos, researching for the deep truths on the matter about love and sharing their findings. Rounding up the list of performers are Efe Paul The PoetThe Poet Donna and Dayo of Ijodee.

Commenting on his involvement in the show, Sound Sultan commented,

“I have always wanted to do something like this, not just because it is a lot of fun but also because I come from an Arts background and my family is involved in theatre arts and the movie industry. ‘Love Is…The Musical’ is like a merger between my two passions. I cannot wait to get up on that stage on February 5 and show a different side of my artistic personality.”

Directed by renowned choreographer Ice Nweke, ‘Love Is…The Musical’ will feature over 40 cast and crew-members and it is produced by Limitless Mind Africa.

For more information about Love Is…The Musical, click here



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