Chelsea is Winning On #StarSuperFans

Billionaires FC Wins

At long, long last, it seems as if Chelsea fans are finally getting onto their groove after a terrible run of 10 defeats in 12 games on the popular Star Football Superfans television platform. The show, sponsored by Star lager beer has been an Achilles heel of sorts for Chelsea fans who have the most number of appearances and the worst run of defeats.

This week, for the second week running, a female fan featured on the show and ended up on the winning side. Mary Peter, a businesswoman from Kaduna carried the day along with her teammates in Billionaires FC, Bennett Ejekwu, Clement Odo, Chidi Ogba and Solomon Nwachukwu. On the opposing side was Success FC, a group of Manchester United fans made up of Ukaiwe Ifeanyi, Emeka Ossai, Nkereuwem Atang, Kamyisochukwu Ojobo and Ayomide Adesanya.

Host Mozez Praiz gave the signal and the first half kicked off with both teams opting for cautious 10-pointers. Success FC missed theirs and Billionaires FC answered correctly, setting the pattern of the rest of the game. Billionaires FC became the first team in the history of the show to answer all their first half questions correctly, while Success FC scored one 10-pointer to go into the halftime break.

If they thought they would turn their fortunes around in the second half, they were badly mistaken as Billionaires FC further tightened their grip on the game with a goal from Clement who defeated Success FC’s Atang during the debate segment. With the score at 1-0, the game was half won, but Success FC still had a chance to draw level and take the game to penalties with the Show Your Passion segment.

Ifeanyi stepped out for Success FC after Benneth completed his performance for Billionaires FC and soon it was time for the moment of truth. On the instruction of Mozez Praiz, the crowd voted and he announced the result with his customary cheeky grin – 55:45 in favour of Billionaires FC and another goal to win the game 2-0!

While the crowd cheered boisterously, Billionaires FC got to go home with the N1 million grand prize and the bragging rights to be called ultimate fans, while Success FC went away with the N100,000 consolation prize. They were well beaten in the end, but not disgraced.

Speaking after the episode, Corporate Media and Brand PR Manager, NB PLC Edem Vindah remarked,

“STAR’s commitment to promoting young Nigerians and giving them a platform to Shine cuts across people of all genders, ethnicities and persuasions and so the presence of female fans on this show does not come as a surprise. Women are some of the most passionate supporters of football in Nigeria and it is only to be expected that they will be represented on Star Football Superfans. Incidentally, all the women who have appeared on the show have ended up on the winning side, which says a lot about their passion and knowledge about the game.”

Star Superfans airs on Africa Magic Channel 154 every Thursday at 8pm and E-Nolly Channel 106 on ACTV every Friday at 8pm.

To find out more about Star Football Superfans and to register, click here

Benneth of Billionaires FC before participating in the Show Your Passion Segment Billionaires FC smiles to the bank  Billionaires FC Clement supporting Chelsea during debate on Star Superfans Debate for both teams on Star Superfans Homeplay question for Star Superfans Episode 7 Host Mozez Praiz Ifeanyi is totally a football lovers. His passion for the game is super. Kamsi opposing Chelsea during debate on Star Superfans Mary of Billionaires FC Mozez Praiz on Star Superfans Question for Billionaires FC Success FC When your team loses on Star Superfans


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