PHOTOS: AY, Iyanya, Kiss Daniel, I Go Die, Akpororo, Others Thrill Maltina Lovers At AY Live


21-I Go Die and Gordons

Some of Nigeria’s biggest entertainers, AY The Comedian, Iyanya, Kiss Daniel, Gordons, Akpororo, I Go Die among many others gathered yesterday, Sunday, October 4th for the biggest annual comedy concert in Nigeria, AY Live Sharing Happiness edition.

Proudly sponsored by Nigeria’s most preferred malt drink, Maltina, the event  which held at the Aztech Arcum, Stadium Road, Port Harcourt  was the final leg in this year’s AY Live concert series after dates in Lagos and Abuja.

Comedians who got guests doubled over in laughter all night included Ushbebe, Gordons, Acapella, Akpororo, Helen Paul, Funny Bone, Romeo, Dan D’Humorous, Ajebo and Hezekiah amongst many others.

Some of Nigeria’s hottest artistes, Iyanya, Kiss Daniel, Yung 6 and PH’s favorite, Fortune were also on display to keep guests on their feet throughout the night.

From dancing competitions, signing on the Maltina Wall of Happiness and winning exciting gifts including four iPhone 6 phones courtesy of Maltina, the Port Harcourt edition of AY Live 2015 has definitely left its mark on the Garden City with the insatiable crowd asking for more.

01-Acapella 02-IMG_9602 03-IMG_9620 04-IMG_9628 05-Phoebe Larry-Izamoje and Adewole Adedeji 06-Phoebe Larry-Izamoje 07-Adewole Adedeji 08-Maltina Wall of Happiness 09-IMG_9650 10-Maltina Wall of Happiness 1 11-IMG_9691 12-IMG_9717 13-Romeo 14-IMG_9730 15-IMG_9733 16-IMG_9740 17-IMG_9773 18-IMG_9825 19-AY and Usbebe 20-Ajebo  22-Fortune 23-Port Harcourt singer, Fortune 24-IMG_9901 25-AY 26-AY The Comedian 27-Phoebe Larry-Izamoje 1 28-Hezekiah 29-Romeo 1 30-Ajebo and AY 31-Ajebo on stage 32-AY and the dancing competition 33-Winner of Dancing competition 34-IMG_0003 35-Benita Philips and Yinka Bakare 36-Benita Egbule and Olayinka Bakare 37-Winners of Maltina Facebook competition being presented with their gifts by Marketing manager, Non alcoholic brands, Olayinka Bakare 38-Helen Paul 39-Ushbebe 40-IMG_0088 41-Dan D Humorous 42-Ajebo and Akpororo 43-Ubi Franklyn and Ushbebe 44-Gordons 45-Gordons and Helen Paul 46-Gordons, AY and Helen Paul 47-IMG_0170 48-IMG_0180 49-Gordons and AY 50-Onyeka 51-Akpororo 52-AKpororo1 53-I Go Die 54-I Go Die 1 55-Kiss Daniel 56-Kiss Daniel 1 57-Kiss Daniel and Helen Paul 58-Iyanya 59-Iyanya 1 60-IMG_0372 61-Iyanya 2 62-IMG_0406 63-AKpororo 2


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