10 Things We’re Sure You Didn’t Know About Shina Peller

Think you know Shina Peller? Know him only as the owner of Quilox nightclub? Well this might surprise you.

1. He i​s an industrialist seeking new business territories beyond Nigeria.


2. ​He is a philanthropist. Recently He donated a lump sum of money to an NGO in Benin Republic.


3. ​He​ thinks ​Pan​-African. He believes in future of Africa that’s why he is expanding his business into other African countries.



4. ​He is ​o​ne of Africa​’s youngest entrepreneurs. He currently sits atop Aquila Group of companies, a diversified conglomerate.


5. ​He ​has been ​appointed Grand ​P​atron of ONG Jeunsess Dynamique, a popular NGO in France and Benin Republic.


6. He is Internationally recognized as a major African nightclub owner. In March 2014, he represented Nigeria at the Nightclub and bar convention in Las Vegas Nevada USA.


7. He has a charity foundation. The foundation is called Help The Blind And Handicapped. It provides assistance to physically challenged individuals by empowering them through scholarships and business grants.


8. Born in Lagos, he traces his origins to Oyo State in southwestern Nigeria.


9.His Wife Ayobola Peller is a Chartered Accountant.


10. His father is the great professor Peller a popular magician in his days. Professor Peller is popularly known for perform magic with his wife. He died on August 2. After he died it seems magic in Nigeria died with him.



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