The Day I Met A Goddess…A Story By David Hundeyin

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 9.23.08 AM

It was one of those Sunday mornings when you wake up and you just want to go out for no reason. The day was bright, I was in a good mood and I had cash and fuel to spare. I jumped into my car and zoomed off to the mall.

I found myself inside a boutique looking through the t-shirts even though I didn’t really want to buy anything. In any case nothing there caught my fancy and I was just about to turn and leave the boutique when she walked in.

She was, to put it plainly, the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. Ever. 

She had a perfectly chiselled face and a wonderfully even, chocolate complexion. Her brilliant white teeth provided a delightful contrast to the sultry colour of her lipstick.

I felt weak as I contemplated the thought of speaking to her. Somehow I knew I just had  to speak to her, but could I, a mere man on a Sunday morning shopping trip dare approach this goddess. Would she not mistake me for one of the shop attendants if I walked up to her?

I pictured the entire store going up in laughter as she asked, “Excuse me, do you work here?”

But I could not let her leave the store without talking to her. This random Sunday morning has suddenly turned into a defining moment of my life. ‘She’s far too beautiful for you John, forget it!’ ‘But are you a man John? Are you a man?’ 


Then she noticed me staring at her.

Nowhere to hide now John. You have to make your move.

The song playing inside the boutique was some kind of epic theme music that sounded like a soundtrack from Last Flight To Abuja or something. With my heart pounding, I cleared my chest and started walking toward her. I could feel blood pulsing in my ears with every step as if I was walking in slow motion.

Finally I was in front of her. Finally,  it was the moment of truth. I smiled at her and said “Hi”. She turned her head to face me and my breath caught in my throat – she was even more beautiful up close!

“Hi!” she replied, her face lighting up with a smile.

Watch the video to see what happened next…




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